Board Switzerland

Christine Jäggi (1961), Managing Director, is a mother of two children, owner of onthewaytours, yoga teacher, worked as a radio-journalist and is freelance tour-guide for Globotrek. Christine has previous project experience with charities; one of these was the Salaam Bombay project for street children in Delhi in 1990. Christine is a keen traveller and in the past has lived in Asia for over a year. 



"Children should be well cared for so that they can focus on their future, e.g. go to school and play, instead of living on the streets and struggling to get by. Going to school is keeping them from falling into the poverty trap and having no education. The cold Mongolian winters make life as a street child very difficult and dangerous. Our work is in preventing them having to live on the streets".

Martina Zürcher (1980), Managing Director, bachelor in journalism and corporate communications. She was financing her studies with part-time jobs as a radio-journalist and tour-guide in Mongolia for Globotrek. Martina has work experience with Helvetas, a Swiss development organisation. 


"My motivation to work for Bayasgalant is in my love for Mongolia, a breath-taking country which sadly is often forgotten. As a token of gratitude for the wonderful time I've spent there, I would like to help improve the lives of the less fortunate Mongolians".


Flavia Grossmann (1983), President, finished her studies in 2009 and has a degree in history, sociology and communication from the University of Basel. After having worked in various jobs, she now works as a research assistant at the University in Basel.


"When I first went to Mongolia, it was like a dream come true and it changed my life. I couldn’t ignore the conditions in which some children have to grow up, some living on the streets even in winter when temperature drops to - 40C. Therefore, my commitment to Bayasgalant is unwavering".

Sabine Willach (1977) is a trained nurse and holds a bachelor's degree in Islam and Central Asian studies from the University of Bern and a Master in Central Asian Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin. Since her first journey to Mongolia in 2003, Sabine has become addicted to this country.


"My work for Bayasgalant has provided me with insights into the needs of many families in the Ger district of Ulaanbaatar. I have also learnt what is needed to improve the lives of the children and the positive effect this has on their families when delivered. Through Bayasgalant, I want to continue with my commitment to the street children of Ulaanbaatar".

Jürg Burger (1983)Bayasgalant board member since 2016. Jürg is a trained architect and a passionate adventurer. He graduated from ETH Zurich in 2009 and has been working as a self-employed architect since then. He spent several years living and working in China, where he learnt a lot about the Asian Culture.



"In 2015 I visited the day care centre on a bicycle trip through Mongolia. The heartfelt gratitude of the children has touched me and so I spontaneously decided to continue pedaling in order to collect donations for these children! After seven months I was back in Switzerland with 15,000 francs of donations! Now I am looking forward to working with Bayasgalant also in the future!"


Dylan Wickrama, motivational speaker, author and adventurer.

Growing up as a poor boy in Sri Lanka, Dylan knows what it means to be hungry. He actively promotes the work of Bayasgalant as he speaks to the public in his presentations and motivational talks.  Together with his wife and co-founder of Bayasgalant, Martina Zürcher, Dylan
is planing a visit to Mongolia in the near future.



"I am very excited to be the ambassador for Bayasgalant. I can testify that this organisation is kept alive through blood that is pumped by beautiful hearts!"