Our team

Twelve people are responsible for the well-being of the children and their families. They work six days a week at the day care centre.

Zayanam Okhinoo (1974)

Project leader,


Zaya is a trained book-keeper and has a degree in German. She used to work as a travel agent and was a book-keeper for the GTI (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) in Ulaanbaatar. Zaya is the mother of four children. She is in charge for the day care centre and all the employees.


"My motivation to work for Bayasgalant is to make sure that all the help and support gets to the right places and families. As I'm a mum myself, I'm extremely happy to help kids in need - because I love children."

Bolormaa Dovchinjamz (1969)

Social worker.


She graduated at the National University in Ulaanbaatar and worked for the Gesellschaft Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GTI). Bogi has lived in Germany for 10 years and worked at the Mongolian Youth Exchange office.


“When I see how much my work improves the lives of the children and their families that’s where I get my motivation. It’s a bit satisfaction to see how happy the children are at the day care centre".

Oyuntuya Byambaragcha(1987) Teacher. She is a single mother of one daughter. Before she started work at Bayasgalant, she has been working in rural areas. She studied at the University of Education in Ulaanbaatar.


"The problems of the children and their families are touching me because being a single mum I know how difficult it can be. I'm glad when my work with the children is a help for them and their families."

Bolormo Battsengel (1982) Teacher. She is the mother of one son and used to work at different public schools in Ulaanbaatar before she joined Bayasgalant. She studied at the university in Ulaanbaatar.


"It's is great to see how motivated the children are learning and doing their homework at the day care centre. I like all of them, it's like being a family where everybody is looking after each other. I really enjoy working for Bayasgalant."

Enkhmandakh Nyamdagva,


Dolgorsuren Myagmarsuren (1976) Cook. Both of Dogi's children are in the day care centre. The work at the day care centre is a big chance for a better future for her and her family.


"My girls used to go to the orphanage Asral-And and now they attend the day care centre of Bayasgalant. I like my work and am happy here. The regular salary improved mine and my children's lives a lot."

Chantsaldulam Yura (1985) Cook. Chantsaldulam is a trained cook and used to work in various restaurants in Ulaanbaataar from 2002-2010, since 2010 she has cooked for the children in Bayasgalant.


"I'm happy hearing all day the voices of the children, they are little angels to me. Moreover it's very handy to me to live very close to the day care centre."



Tsendee Namasai (1960) Caretaker. He lives together with his wife Tseveenjav on the day care centre grounds and guards the property at night.

"Working for Bayasgalant changed my life for the better and we are grateful to work here. We are giving our best to look after the property of Bayasgalant."



Tseveenjav Tavkhi (1961) Caretaker and Cleaner. Together with her husband Tsendee she lives on the day care centre grounds and cleans the small house and the gers. The couple have three adult sons.


"I'm a proud grandmother of several grandchildren and I love children - living at Bayasgalant day care centre means, sharing our lives with many children, I really like this."