Achieving the goals

Bayasgalant, Kinderhilfe Mongolei is a small charity and therefore all board members and Mongolian employees are working with much personal commitment and from the goodness of their hearts. This is important to achieve the aims to improve the lives of the children and their parents.

Without the support of donors and members, Bayasgalant couldn’t exist. Thanks to them Bayasgalant is there where it is now and only together we will be able to make a difference. Together we improve the life and future for many children and their families.

If you want to support Bayasgalant there are different possibilities:


A donation improves the lives of the children and their families.


By being a member you can have your say at the annual membership meeting and influence the work of Bayasgalant.


If you want to be active, your effort will be very much appreciated.


When buying products in the online shop, you support the mums who are producing them. You could also make a gift to another person by donating in his or her name, or paying the membership fees for them.


With a legacy you will be supporting the future of the Mongolian children even after your death.