Donate for a brighter future for the children

Your donation improves the life of the children in Mongolia. When you donate 5 Francs a child gets a hat, scarf and gloves which are necessary during the cold winter months. A school uniform costs 20 Francs, 50 Francs is the amount of food for one child during one month and 100 Francs pays University fees for a semester. Heating costs for the daycare centre are 200 Francs for 2 months and 500 Francs is the amount for several medical treatments.


When you donate for a gift, you double happiness! If you wish we are sending a donation card straight to the person receiving the gift, or we’ll send it to you in order you can hand it out personally.


For online donation to our bankaccount, use the following details:  

Bank: BEKB Biel, PC 30-106-9,

Kontonummer: 42 4002.978.05 79010


If you are paying from outside Switzerland be sure to add this information: 

IBAN-Nr. CH66 0079 0042 4002 9780 5



If it is easier you can also pay with your credit card via our PayPal account. Simply cklick the button below. 

Thank you so much! Every donation is highly appreciated and Bayasgalant is grateful for your support.


By the way: Bayasgalant is taxfree, so you can deduct you donation. If you have questions about it, please send an email.