News from Ulaanbaatar and Switzerland

Matthias Canapi, photographer and traveller visited the day care centre

The Italien photographer Matthias Canapini is visiting children and their families who live in difficult circumstances. Matthias is interested in their stories. When he is taking pictures he does it with sensitivity, respect and only after he has spoken to them.

He has been in Kosovo and Syria and published a book about the people he met.

This year, before travelling to Mongolia, he spent time in the Ukraine. He was still touched by his experiences there when he arrived Mid-July in Ulaanbaatar where he spent a week at the Bayasgalant day care centre. He was playing with the children and visited some parents together with Christine Jäggi.

More pictures are to be seen in the gallery.

Currently is Matthias travelling in Cambodia, after visiting China and Vietnam where he also spent time with charities who take care of children.

Summer 2014

Also this year 6 Outlook Expeditions groups were volunteering for Bayasgalant. Altrincham School Team 1 destroyed the old building of the day care centre, Team 2 built a new basketball place and painted the entrance.


The girls school Broomley were painting as well and taking the children to summer camp.


Teign school attended the concert of the children in the main theatre in Ulaanbaatar and spent time with on the countryside as well as Roundwood school.


Thank you very much, you were awesome.

6. August 2013

Camps and painting of the walls: A big thank you to the students and teachers of Kennet School and the girls from Nonsuch High, organized by Outlook Expeditions

For 3 years the UK based Outlook Expeditions is sending students for volunteer work to our day care centre. This year 6 groups from Kennet School, Nonsuch High and St. Philomenas are either painting the walls of the new house or taking the kids to a camp outside of Ulaanbaatar.


You find the photos in the gallery Outlook Expeditons


24. Juni 2013

Our house is nearly finished

It won't be long anymore and our children and staff will be able to move into the new built house. We are all very happy and grateful to all donors and members who helped to finance it.

17. December 2012

From now on it is easily possible to donate money to Bayasgalant even when you are outside of Switzerland. Thanks to our Paypal account you can simply donate with your credit card.
Press the button below and help the kids in Ulaanbaatar.

Thank you very much for your support! Without you, our work would not be possible! 


December 2012

The construction of the house for the day care centre was keeping the board in Switzerland and the team in Mongolia very busy. We are very proud that the 2 storey house is now built winterproof and is waiting to be finished in spring.


Photos of the construction you find here

Bayasgalant in the newsletter of Outlook Expeditions

Last year Outlook Expeditons sent four groups of highly motivated young people to do volunteer work at the day care centre. It was a very good experience for everybody involved as you can read in the Newsletter of Outlook Expeditions


Ger move to get ready for the new house

Last week the first preparations were made to get ready for building the house. The kitchen ger has been moved in order to make space for the new house. Everybody was helping to take it down and rebuild it in its new spot.


Since the middle of April John Rathmill, a building engineer from the UK is staying in Ulaanbaatar for three months as a volunteer. He is in charge of supervising the construction, visiting the architect and is checking their plans and moreover he is looking for a reliable and professional building company and finding out which materials are right for the house construction.


You’ll find more photos of the kitchen ger move in the gallery

Computer lessons

Nowadays computer skills are becoming more and more important and the same applies in Mongolia. Unfortunately none of the children attending the day care centre are getting a chance to use one, either at home or at school. Therefore we appreciate and are grateful for the laptops which were donated by Outlook Expeditions from Bangor (UK). Last year the company sent four groups of enthusiastic and motivated young adults to do volunteer work at the day care centre. They did some renovation work at the small house and painted murals on the walls around the hasha. One group went to the countryside with the kids. The donation of the laptops makes it possible for us to offer computer lessons to the children and their families. A warm and very big thank you to Outlook Expeditions!