Bayasgalant day care centre: a second home

Bayasgalant is a day care centre caring for 75 children aged between 6-16 years. Our centre has been located on the outskirts of Ulan Bator since its inceptions in September 2009. The children were selected by the local social workers from amongst the poorest families who are living below the poverty line of less than 1 dollar a day. Instead of being left alone at home, hanging around or living on the streets, the children are staying in the day care centre where they get healthy meals, education and help with their homework. Once a week they are all showered in the public shower which is close to the day care centre. Bayasgalant also provides the children with clean clothes.

As soon as the new house is finished, we plan to double the number of children (summer 2013).  


School education

The teachers at Bayasgalant are in close contact with the local authorities, especially with the head-masters and teachers of the schools close by. Some children are not in possession of the necessary documents for attending school, so Bayasgalant helps with the required paperwork and also organises school uniforms. Some need assistance to prepare for tests to attend school because they have been absent from the school system for too long. Since the children attend then day care centre regularly, the children are clearly more successful at school. 

Responsibility of the parents

The interaction between the parents and the employees of Bayasgalant is very important. Once a month the social worker and the parents meet and discuss what can be improved either with the child’s development or the situation at home.


Bayasgalant also organizes lectures about healthy nutrition, prevention of violence, information about hygiene and how to prevent diseases. We are convinced by improving the living conditions of the parents, the children will benefit very much in the long term.


The day care centre should be a safe haven for children and parents, a place where they get educated and where they feel protected.


Donation for a school uniform