Education and post school training are the keys to a better future for the children. It’s the aim of Bayagalant to help each teenager to find the right professional education, either an apprenticeship or a training at a college or university.


Since 2012 we have helped nine girls and boys going into further education, from September 2014 this will rise to 14. One of the girls is shown proudly presenting her certificate, which she obtained in her second year because she came top in her exams.


The students report regularly to Bayasgalant and our social worker is monitoring their marks. In doing this we know how they are progressing and if they need help in any topics.


Bayasgalant is paying the fees direct to the employers or the university .The students also receive the money required for transport, food and books.


We always take into account the system of “help-to-self- help”. With the parents and the students we sign a contract and want them to contribute a little bit to the education as well. In doing this, it means that the support we give is more valued and the parents are more proud.


Donations for education is highly appreciated. Thank you for your support.