Help to self-help

Poverty in Ulaanbaatar is mainly caused by lack of education, health problems and unemployment. Fighting poverty means trying to solve these problems.


Since 2009 Bayasgalant has been taking care of the childrens’ parents as well because we are convinced this will brighten the children’s future too. Our support is very non bureaucratic and adjusted to their individual needs.


Finding solutions together

When the social worker is discussing with the parents their personal situation, their self-initiative and self-responsibility is the main focus and is strongly encouraged. Finding solutions is always done by parents and social worker together. In most cases the support is: advising how to find a job or information about trainings courses, counselling, organizing documents at authorities or doctor appointments. If a family would like to become self-employed there is a possibility that Bayasgalant grants a microcredit.


Three families are currently paying back the rates of the microcredit they were granted to enable them to buy a ger. Now they live in their own home. Other families received a microcredit to allow them to buy a sewing machine and started their own business. Some products are sold in Mongolia and some are sent to Switzerland for the online shop.


The aim of Bayasgalant is to help the families to get independent from benefits and to lead a life where they support themselves with their own income, where they live above the poverty line, in a warm home and with a salary which covers all their expenses.


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