Visiting the families at their home in the ger districts

Some children live too far away from the Bayasgalant day care centre. Therefore our social worker has been visiting them regularly since July 2009. These children are mainly the ones from the former project of Bayasgalant.


Some are living in very bad conditions in the poor areas in the outskirts of Ulan Bator. Some family members are sick and need medical treatment, others are suffering, caused by the extreme poverty . Most of them are unemployed. All of these families are fighting to earn a living, they live below the poverty line and can hardly afford one dollar a day for food.


Their problems are often the same and yet affect them individually. Often they are single mums, often one or both parents are sick, most of them are unemployed. Similar to the work done with the parents at the day care centre, the social worker is searching for individual solutions for families. The well-being of the children is always the main focus. Thanks to the regular monthly visits, the parents trust the social worker and become more and more open and cooperate. They know they always can call her in case of an emergency.


Thanks to sewing felt slippers becoming independent and self-sufficient


Bayasgalant has granted a microcredit to two single mums so they could buy sewing-machines. Now they are sewing felt-slippers which Bayasgalant buys from them and which are then sold in Switzerland. Their incomes are now high enough to pay back the monthly rates of the microcredit. What makes them very happy is that they now earned enough to afford their own gers and live now in their own homes. Before they were homeless and were dependant on relatives or sometimes were forced to live in the streets.