Life Skills

Since last autumn the children have been taught life skills.In small groups they are learning about health, sexuality, contraception, hygiene, safety, motivation, how to solve problems, self-responsibility, communication and how to solve conflicts without violence.


Together with the children we made the rules: “Be respectful, be peaceful, be honest, do appreciate and value”. Since then we have noticed a nicer and kinder behaviour amongst the kids.

It is very obvious to notice more confidence and better social competence in the behaviour of the children who have been attending the day care centre for a long time. They are calmer, better behaved and are looking after each other. They show solidarity with one another as their backgrounds are the same, so they are understanding towards the problems of their friends. Also they are able to get support from our staff if they need to talk.


In daily life they learn to take responsibility in doing small tasks like clearing the table, watering the plants in the garden, being in charge for a day in the library and checking if everybody writes their name down when taking a book. They are proud to contribute to the day care centre and be a part of it.