Medical funds and emergency relief

As we are taking care of more and more children and therefore their parents as well, we are more and more confronted with health problems.


We paid for an operation so there is hope that a little boy will be able to walk one day. We also paid for the emergency operation when a mother had to have her the gall bladder removed. We have bought a wheel chair for a teenager who was still using the one she had when she was five years old. Also we are financing medicine for parents with liver cirrhosis and are buying glasses and hearing aids for those who need them.


In general the Mongolians are not a very healthy people. There are various reasons: malnutrition, liver, kidney and heart problems, lung problems due to the pollution, because in the ger districts there is often a thick smog due to heating with brown coal and traffic. International statistics show that Mongolia has the highest rate of Hepatitis B and C.


Medical support should actually be free for the Mongolians if they are registered but in reality the doctors are asking for payment before they treat a patient. Also the family are responsible for bringing the food for the patient.


At the day care centre there are courses with health themes, like healthy nourishment and hygiene.

Thank you for donations into the medical funds.